S. Jolene Hui: LCSW

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Life is full of ups and downs – the first step in getting help is reaching out for someone to help you on this journey to optimal wellness. My experience is with many different kinds of people struggling with their mental health issues – in particular those with addiction issues, mood disorders (including perinatal), psychotic disorders, and more. I love to work with those who are committed to bettering their mental health and improving their lives.
I love working with moms in the perinatal period (pregnancy and after). I am a mother myself and understand the difficulties that come with being a mother. I also love to help fathers/partners. Your mental health is essential to having a healthy and happy home. I am a birth doula as well as an LCSW and have a real passion for maternal mental health.
I graduated with my MSW from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and I have worked in community clinics as well as a private clinic. I prefer to tailor treatment to the individual. Whether you need psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, or another modality, together we can create the treatment plan that you need.
In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and exercise, particularly running. Our physical health is so intertwined with our mental health that I encourage keeping our minds as well as our bodies healthy.

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